Gates and fences

PIDLIS METALWORKS, a production company from Mirsk, has been supplying low-priced and modern metal fences in forms and patterns for many years, the price list of which can be obtained after contacting us. We offer a number of constructions characterized by original design and solid workmanship of high-class metals.

You will also find two-leaf steel gates as well as spans and wickets characterized by many years of service life and resistance to adverse weather conditions, as well as mechanical impacts and corrosion.

Modern metal fences, wickets and spans

The modern sliding gates, forged panel fences and spans as well as custom-made metal wickets which we manufacture make reliable and durable products whose high level of performance has already been appreciated by thousands of individual customers and investors from Poland, Germany and Great Britain.

The products are equipped with special automatic systems of the industry-renowned Tousek and Beninca brands. The structures are made of powder coated steel, additionally hot-dip galvanized, with the option of joining with natural wood.

Double-leaf steel gates at a low price

The low-priced double-leaf steel gates we produce do not discolour as a result of long-term exposure to UV radiation and do not undergo corrosion processes. They can be installed in unfavourable climatic conditions, as well as in places exposed to potential vandal activities.

At the same time, they are characterized by high functionality and elegant design. If you are looking for modern gate solutions, as well as forged panel fences, wickets and spans from the manufacturer, make yourself acquainted with our offer today!