Modern and exceptionally economical CO pellet boilers by PIDLIS from Lower Silesia are high-class heating solutions using ecological solid fuels. Class 5 stoves, which can also be powered by eco peas, are available in a wide range of powers from 10 to 35 kW.

We equipped them with modern instrumentation facilitating your convenient control, as well as automatic, intelligent temperature regulating systems. They allow you to maintain perfect thermal comfort in heated rooms, and at the same time optimize the use of fuel.

How do PIDLIS efficient and ecological pellet boilers work?

The pellet-fired CO boilers offered by PIDLIS are efficient and ecological solutions, the basic element of which is the burner initiating the combustion process and generating thermal energy. It is placed in a specially constructed body and has an automatic chamber ignition mechanism, which is carried out by an electric heater. The user's intervention is limited only to setting the expected temperature and periodic refilling of fuel in the container. It is then dispensed by an automated tray.

High-class CO pellet boilers, which we are a producer of in the Lower Silesia, have special sensors that allow for continuous control of all fuel combustion parameters. At the same time, they were equipped with mechanisms to prevent overheating and damage to the stove. It is also worth mentioning the functional solutions that allow the automatic cleaning of the burner and the combustion chamber after the device is turned off, without the need for physical intervention by the user.

When creating professional heating solutions, for pellet boilers we use high-class equipment by Doomer. The company is a producer of modern current regulators, solid fuel feeding trays, as well as efficient ventilation blowers.

Thanks to the use of technologically innovative components for the construction of central heating furnaces, our products are characterized by economic and trouble-free operation. They allow you to reduce the cost of energy consumption in the autumn and winter seasons.

Advantages of CO boilers from a Lower Silesian producer

PIDLIS CO pellet boilers we produce make reliable constructions allowing for efficient supply of central heating systems in houses and public buildings. Among their advantages, it is worth mentioning:

  • minimizing the emission of harmful volatile substances and suspended dusts into the atmosphere,
  • possibility to use low-cost and renewable energy sources,
  • failure-free and maintenance-free operation, without the need to carry out frequent maintenance procedures,
  • safety confirmed by the PN-EN 303-5: 2012 standard,
  • remote control of the device operating parameters (possible with a smartphone application),
  • modern temperature controller, allowing for its differentiation depending on the time of day or the prevailing weather conditions (cooperation with a weather sensor),
  • possibility of control and integration with intelligent building systems.

When deciding to buy the device, it is worth considering what usable space you want to heat. At the same time, the current energy parameters and thermal insulation of a given building should be taken into account. Therefore, if you are looking for professional heating solutions, take advantage of our PIDLIS CO pellet boilers from an experienced manufacturer from the Lower Silesia!

A boiler for eco-pea coal

eko design
kocioł na ekogroszek

The boiler with a screw feeder for eco-pea coal 5 KL type KSW is one of our first products, which, thanks to several improvements, despite the passage of time, enjoys the constant interest of our customers. The boiler is equipped with an automatic furnace in which only eco-pea coal up to 4 cm can be burned.

The boiler is characterized by high energy efficiency. The boiler is equipped with the latest generation TITANIC 3 controller, which supports 4 pumps: CH, DHW, floor, circulation and one valve actuator and a blower fan. Optionally, it is possible to connect a room regulator to the controller.

Pellet boiler

eko design

W naszej ofercie znajdziecie Państwo również Kotły na pellet 5 KL oraz EKODESING. Wyposażone są one w NAJLEPSZY palniki peletowy na rynku – firmy DOMER.

Układ jest całkowicie automatyczny: sam się rozpala, czyści i wygasza. Kotły na pellet są ekologiczne. Emisja dwutlenku węgla jest śladowa a popiół biodegradowalny.