Powder paint shop

We provide powder coating services

PIDLIS METALWORK company is also a modern and well-equipped paint shop, in which we offer professional powder coating. The current price list of services can be sent electronically, upon special request.

In case of large orders and regular cooperation, the price can be negotiated individually. The process increases the visual attractiveness of metal elements, and at the same time protects them against corrosion for many years. It also affects the mechanical resistance of metal structures.

What is powder coating?

Many customers ask us about the powder coating of cars or home items. To explain the process - the technology includes spraying a special powder paint with excellent electrostatic properties by means of a specialized gun, with the simultaneous participation of a compressed air stream.

The powdery substance becomes attracted to the front of the painted elements and the process itself is carried out in a special chamber. Then an oven is used to fix the layer at a temperature in the range of 160-220oC.

Advantages of powder coating technology

The process of powder coating a car or home furnishings has many advantages, including:

  • environmental friendliness due to the absence of harmful substances among the ingredients composing the paints,
  • high efficiency and low consumption of painting products,
  • excellent results in the form of long-term, durable anti-corrosion protection.

We invite you to benefit from our professional powder coating services! We provide the highest quality of implementation.