Pidlis Metalworks

Operating in Mirsk, the PIDLIS METALWORKS company is a family enterprise with over 30 years of experience in the field of welding. We manufacture functional metal products and heating devices, including:

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We are constantly improving our products, providing a wide range of solutions which can be distinguished by their design and functionality. You will find metal products with both a classic look and a modern one, with which we use innovative combinations of acid-resistant steel and tempered glass. Such mixture results in the effect of lightness and minimalism. We take pride in our motto, which is: "Perfect quality and absolute timeliness of orders."

We carry out specialized projects and services in the field of welding in Poland and Western Europe. Before we initiate the process of welding, we prepare a comprehensive offer, taking into account all design aspects and the specification provided by the customer. We often provide a choice of one of several price options. We are also a recognized producer of ecological stoves and class 5 boilers for pellets and eco-pea coal. We have extensive experience in providing heating solutions that use renewable energy sources.

Professional welding in Mirsk

Specialized welding in Mirsk is a broad range of professional welding services carried out by our team of qualified professionals.

We create durable and safe metal structures at a good price. We approach each project individually, which ensures maximum cost optimization, and at the same time guarantees the product’s high reliability and long service life.

We use anti-corrosion technologies, hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating, protecting our metal products against the development of rust and mechanical damage.

The metal solutions we provide are characterized by perfect design and craftsmanship of details. Moreover, they are extremely functional and have excellent performance parameters. The fences and sliding gates we offer constitute vandal-proof structures that are easy to install and do not require special maintenance. The products from our assortment are high-class, designed to endure many years of exploitation in difficult conditions while maintaining visual attractiveness.

Reliable valuation of welding services in Mirsk

Comprehensive valuation of welding services in Mirsk is performed reliably by our specialists. Thanks to our professional expertise, we can quickly assess the real costs and possible completion dates for orders in the field of steel central heating devices, gate and fencing elements, as well as all kinds of metal structures of unusual shapes and specific purposes.

Being a family company operating on the Polish market since 1989, in PIDLIS METALWORKS we constantly improve the quality of our services and extend our offer and activities with modern metal products. We are able to implement any project in a short time and at a competitive price. We invite you to benefit from our rich offer and choose a professional contractor from the welding industry in Mirsk. We provide professional support and smooth communication at every stage of the order execution.


Many companies have trusted us. Many years of experience allow us to offer services at the highest level. The Pidlis company is a producer of central heating boilers, gates, fences, steel and special structures. We carry out both standard and unusual orders. Such as, for example, the design and construction of new platforms for the public for one of the largest circuses in Europe.

Zadanie: „Projekt dotyczący utrzymania zdolności do pracy przez cały okres aktywności zawodowej” realizowany w 2023 roku w ramach dofinansowania działań płatnika składek na poprawę bezpieczeństwa i higieny pracy – konkurs nr 2022.01


Celem projektu jest poprawa warunków pracy spawaczy poprzez działania inwestycyjne, które poprawią bezpieczeństwo i warunki pracy pracowników na hali spawalniczej redukując zanieczyszczenie powietrza.

Przedmiotem projektu jest zakup instalacji systemu odpylającego oraz jego montaż na hali produkcyjnej.

Docelową grupą korzystającą z tego projektu są pracownicy pracujący na hali spawalniczej.

Efektem wdrożenia działań jest:

  • ograniczenie ryzyka chorób układu oddechowego
  • ogólna poprawa poczucia komfortu, warunków bezpieczeństwa i higieny pracy w środowisku pracy
  • mniejsze zmęczenie pracowników poprzez ograniczenie wdychania zanieczyszczonego powietrza