Stairs, stair and balcony railings

We produce high-class customized railings and external stair handrails, as well as solid and durable railings and internal metal spiral stairs at low prices.

Thanks to many years of experience in the industry of steel structures and welding, we provide products characterized by excellent design, among which you can find innovative combinations of tempered glass and acid-resistant steel.

The innovative approach makes the offered products resistant to adverse weather conditions, and also highly resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.

Elegant customized stair and balcony railings in Mirsk

Welding company PIDLIS METALWORKS offers customized long-lasting and elegant stair and balcony railings in Mirsk. Our products are distinguished by flexibility in adapting to the individual interior design style. We manufacture stairs for both indoor and outdoor use. We also offer elements with a classic design as well as modern, minimalist metal structures. Many years of experience allow us to offer cost-effective solutions that are characterized by high durability and excellent performance parameters.

Designer external metal spiral stairs at a good price

We also supply designer external and spiral metal stairs, also intended for installation inside buildings, at a good price. Their design ensures an appropriate level of safety, and special finishes prevent the risk of slipping, even when their surface becomes wet.

We invite you to benefit from our wide offer and choose high-class internal and external stair railings, as well as custom-made metal stairs. We guarantee professional support at every stage of the investment implementation.